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Why do we need Insect mesh?
Keeps your place insect free. It protects from mosquito borne diseases like Malaria, dengue , Chikungunya, etc...
Protects your home from other insects like flies, wasps, bees as well.

How does it affect the appearance of the room?
We have different mesh types and colours to choose from, to complement the look and décor of your interiors.

Why do we need Insect mesh for doors?
While you go in and out as you please, our Insect screens keep pests like flies, mosquitoes, bees and wasps away. We offer the right insect protection for every type of door. You keep the insects out and allow free passage of air to reduce cooling costs.

Is insect mesh a better barrier than other anti-mosquitoes like mats, liquids and coils?
Yes. People will have side effects from use of anti-mosquitoes like mats, liquids and coils because they will have chemicals in it. The chemicals may cause skin allergies, asthma and sinusitis and other reactions.
Here are few more advantages:
Uninterrupted service where as gadgets/devices like mats and coils has limited period of service.
No power required - Works during power failure unlike mats and plug-ins.
Harmless – Children may tamper with coils and mats, but the mosquito mesh is harmless and see – through.
Inexpensive - Spend once get life time service whereas mats and coils needs to be purchased frequently, which works out expensive in the long run.
Environment Friendly – No smoke and odour.

Is the fibre mesh rat and squirrel and monkey resistant?
We have Stainless steel meshes to handle rodents and squirrels.

Does size and shape of doors and windows matter?
No. not at all, size & shape doesn't matter. We will customize the screens for your needs.

How do I care for my window fibre mesh?
You may clean the screen periodically, as required. It can be cleaned in the following two ways.

- Dry cleaning can be done simply using a vacuum cleaner or a blower while in the installed condition.
- If you want to take the screen out, you can clean it with a dry piece of soft cloth, For this purpose, put the mesh flat on the floor and wipe the top surface with cloth. Apply some pressure so that the dust is released from the screen.

For occasional washing, please take off the screen from the window and lay it flat on the floor of washing room. Please ensure that you do not bend, twist or fold it. Once the screen is placed flat on the floor, use sponge and dip it in mild bath soap solution. Now wipe the sponge dipped in soap solution on the top of the screen to ensure that the dirt particles are released. You can wash with mild pressure for upto two minutes to remove the dirt particles. Wash again with plain water to remove soap particles. Washing is recommended twice a year.

Is it really worth spending on?
Of course. One time investment provides life time resistance against insects.

What about warranty?
We offer you for our products 10 years of service!!(FREE), apart from the manufacturers warranty procedures. After all we have more than 35,000 satisfied customers, since 1990.

How durable are your products?
Durability and good quality products are part of VEGA’s success story since the past 25 years

Does mesh have odours?
Stainless Steel meshes do not emit any kind of odour. The polymer and fibre glass mesh have negligible smell, when freshly installed. It will gradually diminish, completely.

Does mesh completely avoid the air & sunlight and makes room dark?
No, the mesh allows air and sunlight in while keeping the insects out. You can choose the mesh colours depending on your preference. The mesh will affect the natural light slightly.

I have metal doors and windows, what kind of mesh is suitable?
For Iron/Metal doors and windows, you need support to either fix Velcro or Sleek Frames, for that we do have solution. 1" by 1" aluminum powder coated frames will be fixed on to the metal framed window and later your choice of mosquito proofing will be done on the aluminum powder coated frame.

Birds are a nuisance in my balcony ? What solutions do you have for them.
Pigeon Nets can be installed in balconies, parking garages and any semi –open areas to avoid entrance of pigeons and other birds and helps keeping the area clean from bird droppings and nests.

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